GS360 is Investigation and Sports Health

GS360 is health and, with its High Performance Centre, intends to place the sports health tourism as a worldwide reference. The main guides for this sector are to research and work towards health prevention and the improvement of life quality.

High Performance Medical Centre

  • 2.000 m2 dedicated to sports medicine that further the project, which began three years ago at the RC Celta Clinic.
  • The focus being on injury prevention with two of the main players in technology and health in Europe as partners
  • The creation of a sports medical research ecosystem. Focused on innovation and research in professional and amateur sports health. Injury Rehabilitation centre.
  • Health training linked to Galician universities, private universities and own programmes.
  • High performance medical centre for Galicia. Health Tourism Programme. Nutrition and sleep plans as part of what is known as invisible training.
  • Clinic for the preseasons and sports concentrations that are held at GS360.