The necessary infrastructures to develop a wide range of qualifications and programmes linked to sport, fostering synergies generated by the different sporting areas among its students. Training provided by the best professionals in a team that will allow students to develop their full potential. This space can also host professionals and students in the residence or coliving with exchanges of young national and international sportsmen and women..

  • International American School of 1.800m2
  • Centre of Excellence of VET University of Sport of 4.130m2
  • Residence of 8.650m2
  • Coliving of 1.950m2


We will have a specialised offer in medical services aimed at technical training, prevention and recovery of elite athletes, but also open to all amateurs and individuals so that any type of patient can benefit from an innovative methodology that will have a pioneering team in sports science.

  • Clinic 3.000m2


GS360 will also have a space dedicated to leisure, designed to host sporting, musical or scenic events, making it a unique infrastructure in Galicia that will also offer sports retail, adventure and catering services, as well as other experiences.

  • Arena: up to 10,000 retractable seating capacity; 8,000 fixed seating capacity
  • Mini-Stadium: 4,000 seats
  • Experiential ring: 8.000m2
  • Total: 18.000m2


An area dedicated to sports tourism capable of hosting pre-season training camps for elite teams, providing accommodation for those attending the arena, as well as for users and patients of the health area in its hotel.

  • Hotel: 5.000m2 (100 rooms)


The second phase of the CD Afouteza, a space that nowadays is a reality, grows to house all the youth categories, technical staff, offices and nine fields that will allow Real Club Celta to grow on the foundations of its most precious asset: A Canteira.

  • CD Afouteza
  • RC Celta offices: 1.500m2
  • A Canteira RC Celta: 2.160m2
  • 9 fields(3 in current operation)


A transversal commitment to research and practical application with space exclusively for the development and growth of startups through the GS360 innovation hub and its advanced manufacturing centre.

  • Innovation Hub: 2.000m2
  • Events centre: 787m2 (400 seats)