GS360 is Football and youth

A general interest in training young athletes and professionals. The commitment to put specific models of success such as RC Celta’s “Denomination of Origin RC Celta” at their disposal.

Afouteza Sports City - Football

  • Professional football, 1 double pitch for the first team and 1 field for Celta’s B team.
  • 4.500 m2 of state-of-the-art facilities for professional football.
  • 6 fields for youth teams, changing rooms, club offices, gyms, restaurants and other activities. .
  • Football technification area with sandboxes, 3-a-side football, futvolley and other areas
  • Our youth ranks have 230 players, including Celta Integra. Five clubs have reached agreements since the 2014/15 season with 10,506 children having passed through the football schools in Galicia. Since 2011, 12,733 children have participated in our campuses in Galicia and since 2017, 2,060 children from outside of Spain have participated in campuses. Since 2011, 32 campus locations have been set up throughout Galicia, which, taking into account every year, there are 94 Galicia campuses and 22 outside of Spain.
  • En 2013 comenzaron las Escuelas Internacionales en Campeche (México) y desde 2016 se cuenta con 15 academies con 1.886 niños y niñas en el mismo emplazamiento.
  • • In 2013, the International Schools began in Campeche (Mexico) and since 2016 there are 15 academies with 1,886 children attending. Exchanges with China, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Qatar, Brazil, USA, Oman, Armenia, Greece, Colombia, Albania, United Arab Emirates or Singapore have also taken place. More than 90 exchange students and more than 40,000 have trained under D.O. Celta since 2014.



    Up to 6,500 m2 in two phases with a maximum capacity in its final phase of 300 occupants. Its objective will be to house children who participate in:
    • RC Celta youth teams
    • Local sports schools, clubs and federations.
    • High performance programmes in sports.
    • Scholarship athletes..
    • International sports programmes.
    • University programmes
    • High performance programmes.

    Possible future development of a hotel infrastructure, which complements the leisure and sports offer proposed within the project.